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 The Information Processing Cycle [STORAGE]

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PostSubject: The Information Processing Cycle [STORAGE]   Sat May 12, 2012 7:28 am

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Question What Is STORAGE Question

Storage is a location which data, instruction and information are held for future use. Every computer uses storage to hold system software and application software...

When we issue a command to start the application software, the operating system locates the application software and loads it into memory.

cyclopsA Storage medium geek

In computers, a storage medium is any technology (including devices and materials) used to place, keep, and retrieve data. Also called secondary storage is the physical material in the computer that keeps data,instruction and information.

Example of storage medium
Arrow cds,
Arrow tapes,
Arrow harddrives,
Arrow flash sticks

cyclops A Storage Device geek

Computer hardware that records or retrieves items to and from storage media.

Example of storage Devices
Arrow hard drive,
Arrow tape drive,
Arrow optical drive,
Arrow floppy drive,
Arrow tape library or memory stick.

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The Information Processing Cycle [STORAGE]
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