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 Computer crimes

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PostSubject: Computer crimes   Sun May 13, 2012 5:41 am

Arrow Fraud

Definition : Having an intention to take advantage over or causing
loss to other people, mainly on monetary basics
through the use of computers .

Example : E-mail hoaxes, programme fraud, investment scheme .

Arrow Copyright Infringement

Definition : As a violation of the rights secured by a copyright.

Example : Involves illegal copy or reproduction .

Arrow Theft

Definition : As unauthorized use another person's property with
the intention to deny owner the rightful possesion
of that property or its use .

Example : Transfer of payments to the wrong accounts .

Arrow Attacks

Definition : Any activties taken to disprupt the equipment of computer systems,
change processing control or corrupt stored data .

Example : Physical attack , Overload computer circuitry
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Computer crimes
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