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 Form 4 Mac Exam Section A Answer Scheme

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PostSubject: Form 4 Mac Exam Section A Answer Scheme    Tue Mar 06, 2012 3:13 pm


a. Copyright infringement is defined as a violation (an action to break the law) of the rights secured by a Copyright Act. Copyright is a set of an exclusive right to control the usage of any ideas or information.
Infringement of copyright occur when you break the copyright laws such as copying movie, software or CD’s illegally or selling pirated software.

i. Cyber Laws are made to ensure people follow the rules and laws. This is because individuals are more controlled by their passion and education alone can't make them to be good, so laws were created to scare people in being 'good'.
ii. To give protection against the misuse of computers and computer criminal activities such as unauthorised use of programmes, illegal transmission of data or messages over computers, hacking and cracking of computer systems and networks.
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Form 4 Mac Exam Section A Answer Scheme
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